Velcro One Wrap Ties – The Best Way To Keep Cords Organized

Have you ever gone into your toolbox to pull out a corded tool? Getting the tool out is easy, but battling to get the cord out can be the difficult part. Velcro makes a really inexpensive little item that will fix that forever.

If you’re anything like me, you love to use tie straps or zip ties—whatever—to keep wires and cords neat. Zip ties are awesome for that purpose, but I find that they’re just way too permanent for many things, and a pain to remove.

I's Why's

  • Like a zip tie, but secures with Velcro
  • Can be cut down for whatever size I need
  • Easy to remove and and re-attach somewhere else

A couple of years ago, I found these Velcro one wrap ties, and they’re exactly what they sound like: the ideal zip tie that’s made of Velcro. It goes one better than that, and it will actually attach to a wire, let’s say, and then–when you coil up the rest of the wire–you can wrap the tie around it. So, in addition to all of the places where I would use zip ties, I use these on all my power tool cords and anything else I can think of that has a cord that gets in the way when it’s put away.

These are pretty inexpensive—under ten bucks for a set of 100. I have two or three sizes, although you can also cut them to fit, or combine them for length. I wouldn’t be without them… no more cord wrestling for me!

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