Learn How To Shave With The Art of Shaving

For most of my adult life, I’ve had a lot of trouble with the aftermaths of shaving my face. I’d get little bumps—not very attractive. And for those of you electric razor fans, I have tried multiple different electric razors; I just don’t find that I get a satisfactory shave with an electric.

I’ve tried so many products out there: big, name-brand cosmetic products and shave creams, drugstore shave creams--everything I could get my hands on, I would try. To this day, I still prefer to shave at night, because any irritation I get will usually be gone by the time I wake up in the morning.

I think somewhere around the year 2000, I stumbled onto The Art of Shaving. I remember, back then, if you bought their shaving kit, you got a book with a really good guide on how to shave. This was about shaving with a razor, not an electric.
The combination of what I learned in that book, along with their products, changed the way I shaved and the results I got. Today, I usually shave with the blades I get from Dorco USA, because I think they make great blades and handles. But I always use at least one product from The Art of Shaving.
My normal routine is to take a towel and get it as hot as I can under running water, and then put that tell on my face where my beard grows, and hold it there for about a minute. Then, I apply preshave oil or gel. After that, I use one of The Art of Shaving’s shaving cream, and a badger brush to apply it. I then shave in one direction, re-lather and shave again in the opposite direction.
When this is done, I run hot water over the same towel and wipe off all the shave cream. Then–very important–pat my face dry, and then apply one of The Art of Shaving’s aftershave balms. The Art of Shaving’s product line is not inexpensive but they extremely high quality.

Now, I can shave whenever I want and not worry about rashes and bumps. It’s not gonna cure cancer, but it sure makes my life more pleasant.

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