Hull Those Strawberries With Ease

Here’s one of those simple gadgets I would never be without. It’s a strawberry huller–very easy to use; has one job and does it incredibly well.
Strawberry Huller

I's Why's

  • Safer & easier than using a knife
  • Takes out less of the good stuff than a knife
  • Kids can de-stem their own strawberries

This little red strawberry-shaped device has a green button on the top (like the green stem). When you push the button, four little spades spread out from the opposite end (the bottom of the ‘strawberry’). You push the spades into the stem end of the real strawberry, give it about a quarter turn and it takes the entire stem out of the strawberry--clean and ready-to-eat.

My seven-year-old son Zachary loves strawberries; like a lot of kids, he would pick up a strawberry by the stem and eat about 70 or 80% --till he got near the stem. Then, he’d throw it out.

Well, that’s a fair amount of waste, but I get it. We weren’t going to give him a knife to cut the stem out, and the stems don’t come out easily with anything else. Then we found this gadget. Now he can take the stems out of his own strawberries, and he eats the entire strawberry! No waste, and really simple/easy. They also make one that’ll take the core and stem out of a tomato.

I remember showing the strawberry huller to my mother, and she sort of pooh-poohed it. “I just use a knife,” she said. But we finally got her to try it, and I don’t think she’d ever go back to that knife. Plus, I think she’s eating more strawberries…

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