Snap-On Squeeze Knife – Much More Than Your Average Box Cutter

snap on squeeze knife box cutter

You know that I’m always on the lookout for something that will make my life a little easier, and a little better. Frequently, a lot of the things that we find and talk about on are not neat and sexy. Some of them are, but this is not one of them. However, this is something that gets used in my house almost daily. I also have one in my office and I use it there at least weekly.

It’s the Snap-On squeeze knife. It’s basically a box cutter, but so much better.

I's Why's

  • Both current and extra blades are stored in the handle
  • Blades are easy to extract, remove, retract, and replace
  • Heavy-duty: more durable than a pocket knife or box cutter

With all the products we’re always checking out, we get boxes all the time, so we definitely have to break them down before they go in the trash. This has been our go-to device for that. I don’t like using my pocket knife, because cardboard dulls the blades really quickly. My pocket knife is something I have to sharpen, versus this easily replaceable blade.

Snap-On makes a few different box cutters, or “utility knives” as thy’re called on Amazon. However, this review only covers the model I prefer the most, which is the squeeze knife. It’s a handy box cutter that holds about six or seven blades in the handle. The blade that you’re using is also hidden away in the handle. To get the blade to extract, you squeeze the handle and out pops a blade. I like this because: the blade is not ever exposed; it’s easy to get the blade out; its one-handed operation and it stores extra blades for me.

Once the blade’s out, if I decide that it’s a bit dull, I push the little red button on the front. Pushing that button allows me to pull out the blade, so I can flip it around to use the other side or toss it in the trash. At that point, I push the retract button, to retract the blade back into the body and reset the handle. The next time I squeeze the handle, a fresh blade comes out.

Another way we use this is for that annoying eggshell wrapping used on so many products now. You still need to watch your fingers, but it’s much easier than trying to get a pair of scissors to cut through.

So, if your house is anything like mine, you’ll get a lot of use out of this squeeze knife.

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