Rib-O-Lator – Foolproof Way To Cook Ribs & Chicken

It’s finally summer! The weather is warming up, and it's barbecue time. I truly enjoy barbecuing, and I’m going to be talking about a lot of great barbecue and good backyard tools.

Today, I want to talk about something I use a lot during barbecue season—and it’s not a movie character: the Rib-O-Lator.

I's Why's

  • The best way to cook on the grill
  • I've done ribs and chicken with excellent results every time
  • Rotating food trays ensures food cooks evenly without burning or drying out
  • New adjustable trays can expand to fit any size grill
The Rib-O-Lator is the best way I’ve found to cook on the grill. It has four trays that attach to your rotisserie and spit rod via two plus-shaped arms—think of the rotating hot dogs you see at the movies. Once it’s all set up, you put your food on the trays; you decide how long to cook it and at what temperature. The Rib-O-Lator just keeps everything moving around, like a food carousel. It keeps any flare ups from damaging your food.
We’ve done pork ribs, beef ribs, wings and chicken breasts, and they all came out great. I especially like using it for ribs, which have been awesome every time I’ve used the Rib-O-Lator. I first made them with just a dry rub, but later tried with sauce as well.
I really appreciate the newer extendable tray. The original Rib-O-Lator trays were a fixed size, and a little small for what we like to cook. Being able to expand the tray to the width of your grill is a vast improvement, in my opinion.
You can cook multiple items, but you’ll need to pay a little more attention. Since you’re not controlling the fire or temperature differently for each item you cook, and everything is cooking at the same temperature, it becomes a timing issue. You figure out how long each item will take to cook at the temperature you’ve chosen, and put each food on the Rib-O-Lator when the correct amount of time remains—or ask Alexa to remind you!

Cleanup is pretty easy, but to make it even easier, we spray the trays with a nonstick cooking oil before we load them up with food.

The Rib-O-Lator is a pleasure to use, and the results are awesome. Hmm, I’m thinking we’ll be cooking some ribs and maybe some wings this weekend.
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