RediTape – Duct Tape That Fits In Your Pocket

So many other review sites only want to review the cool, sexy, new gadgets… at Go Ask Ira, while we love all those neat, new gadgets, a lot of them are just that-- gimmicky doohickeys that accomplish something, but really don’t do it any better than you could without the device—and sometimes worse!

I's Why's

  • No large core in the middle
  • Multiple colors
  • Take it anywhere- fits in my pocket, briefcase, backpack, or purse

I have a different philosophy. I want to review products that you will really use. Whether it’s every day or once in a while, they’re going to be the kinds of products where you say, why didn’t I think of that? In addition, there’s a great many products you can use every day, and marvel at the fact that you never knew about them before you saw them here on Go Ask Ira.

And don’t worry—we’ll always show you the cool, new gadgets that are worth owning.

That said, duct tape is not the easiest thing to get excited about, and I get that. But this is one of those why-didn’t-I-think-of -that products. RediTape is a mini roll of duct tape that doesn’t have a big, round core in the middle to make it so large and take up so much space. It’s got a flat core that’s maybe an eighth of an inch, and the tape is rolled around that. It has about five yards of tape per flat pack.
Because I’m one of those guys who likes to be prepared—I have a little mini-backpack in my car with all kinds of survival gear in it– I also have all sorts of survival stuff at my house, just common-sense stuff. And this RediTape is definitely something that’s in my car. Duct tape is incredibly versatile, and with this flatpack, it doesn’t take up much room. As of this review, you can purchase this on Amazon for just under six dollars, plus $1.99 shipping. Two flat packs for less than four dollars each—keep one of these in each car you have.
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