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Clair Cruz asked 4 years ago


I’m Clair of IloveWine. Our site aspires to share insight and experiences with wine lovers of all kinds by delivering accessible and enjoyable content. In fact, we want to encourage other people from any background to become a wine expert by providing them the right amount of information and enthusiasm.

As we’re looking out for aspiring wine experts and wine lovers, we came across your page:, and it seems like you also cover wine-related topics. We’re sharing with you herewith an article we published, we were wondering if you’re interested in collaborating with us and using our article on your site as an additional resource?

The Best Hanging Wine Glass Racks

The Best Hanging Wine Glass Racks

As a token of good faith, we would promote your blog/content by sharing it with our Twitter following. You can also send over other articles you want us to promote and we’ll do our best to disseminate them across our reach to expand your readership.

We’re looking forward to hear back from you. Should you have further clarifications, kindly let me know and we will address them soon.