One Foot Extension Cords – Small Cords, Infinite Uses

As you may have figured out by now, I’m a bit of a gadget freak. Well, okay, maybe a little more than a bit.

While I like gadgets, to keep them I require that they solve a specific problem to make my life easier in some way. Not all gadgets are fun, and this is probably one of the most boring finds that we have here on But I can tell you that if you like to buy gadgets and you need to plug things in, these cables will save you a lot of headaches.

I's Why's

  • Frees up outlets blocked by "wall warts"
  • Great for outlet strips
  • Buy a thin plug to move furniture closer to a wall with a "wall wart"
  • Buy a cord that splits into two for an extra outlet
That said, let me tell you little bit more about the cables. What they are, essentially, is one-foot extension cords. So if you have two outlets and something you’ve plugged in has a wall wart, that obstructs the second outlet, and you’re essentially losing that outlet. What this one-foot extension cord does is get the wall wart away from the wall, so that you can use both outlets. This is even more important if you’re using an outlet strip. I’ve seen an eight-outlet strip that had three wall warts, so nothing else was able to be plugged in—that’s five wasted plugs! If you’re like me, that’ll make you nuts.

This scenario seems to come up for me all the time; a couple of weeks ago, we got a light-up Star Wars Millennium Falcon for my son (we’ve been watching all the Star Wars movies). As you can imagine, once he opened it up, he was very excited to put it in his room. Unfortunately, the place where he wanted to put it had this plug problem. Luckily, I always keep a bunch of these cords on hand, just to solve problems like this. I grabbed one, moved wall wart, and problem solved.

These cords come in a couple of different configurations. Get just a regular one-foot extension cords. You can buy them as a slim plug or flat plug, so that you can move a piece of furniture or something close to the wall. You can get them as one cord that splits into two, which will now allow you to double what you put in that one plug. There are some others I’ve seen where the actual plug that goes into the wall as the back open so you can plug something else with just one cord.

It always amazes me how often I go to find these things, because we use them all the time. They’re not exciting, not sexy, not fun to play with, but I always keep stock on hand, because they make all those sexy, fun-to-play-with things a whole lot easier to hook up.

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