Monkey Fingers – The Last Bungee Cord You’ll Ever Need

I think we all know how versatile a bungee cord can be; I keep a collection of them in my garage at all times. And if you’ve ever used a bungee cord, once you get your hands on Monkey Fingers— adjustable bungee cords!–you’ll ask yourself why you didn’t think of this.

I's Why's

  • No need to buy multiple sizes of bungee cords
  • Can be adjusted on-the-fly
  • Plastic hooks
monkey fingers adjustable bungee cords

Say you need a three-foot bungee cord for a job. You just use it like you normally would. But, let’s say you need an 18-inch bungee. What you do is to loop one end down to the length you need, then you thread the cord through the little hook on the side of the big hook. With a quick tug, it’s just as stable as an 18-inch bungee.

My favorite part is that you can adjust it in a snap. If you realize too late that what you’re securing needs a different length, you can adjust it right then and there, and then undo it when the job’s done.

I’ve also used these to secure one thing to something else, not in the traditional way a bungee cord would. But it’s still with the same purpose of strapping something to something.

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