LifeLock – Don’t Leave Your Credit Score To Chance

As I was writing a recent review on LastPass, I mentioned LifeLock… and I realized that I hadn’t written a review on LifeLock yet. So here it is. I’ve used LifeLock now for about five years, and luckily, I don’t hear from them all that often. Every time I open a new credit card, they contact me to make sure that it really was me, and other things of that nature. For the most part, they do what they do in the background.

I's Why's

  • LifeLock monitors all aspects of my identity
  • I am contacted immediately if an account is opened with any of my information
  • Fluent, responsive support whenever I call

Prior to using LifeLock, I had used a few of the other companies, including some that are affiliated with the credit reporting agencies. I never felt that I was getting great service. They just didn’t seem to do all that much.

When you sign up with LifeLock, it is to protect your identity from being stolen. That’s it, plain and simple. I don’t know if you know anybody who’s had their identity stolen, but the people I’ve spoken to say it’s just a miserable, multi-year nightmare.

So how does LifeLock do what they do? They are constantly monitoring a number of different areas, looking for anything that’s used your identity in any way--your name, your Social Security number--they’re tracking all of that stuff. As I said before, if they find something like a new account, they’ll immediately notify you that there’s been an account opened with your information, and ask whether or not that was you.

If it was not you, you’re assigned a restoration specialist who will immediately jump into action to get the problem under control and stop it before it can cost you grief or money. Again, this is something I’ve never had to test, but I can tell you that every time I’ve needed them or wanted to talk to somebody or ask a question, I’ve gotten a real person on the phone, who speaks English fluently, and they’ve been very responsive, so I feel quite secure with them.

They have a $1 million service guarantee, which, fortunately, I’ve never had to test. In addition, LifeLock will now give you your credit score, based on what plan you have.

LifeLock starts at about $10 a month, and goes all the way up to about $30 a month, depending on what features you want in your membership.

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