Klhip Ultimate Clipper – Unlike Any Nail Clipper You’ve Seen Before

Let’s face it, nail clippers are nothing anybody’s really going to get excited about. But you know me; I’m always looking for the better mouse trap. And I definitely found one in the Klhip Ultimate Clipper.

I's Why's

  • ​Looks and works completely differently from other nail clippers
  • High-quality: made in Japan from surgical steel
  • Innovative design: more leverage to make nail clipping easier and more comfortable
klhip ultimate clipper
We’ve all clipped our nails, and I think if you went into 30 houses and looked at the nail clippers you’d find that they’re all basically the same. Not with the Klhip. This looks totally different from any other nail clipper you’ve ever used. It looks different because it is different.
It’s made in Japan out of surgical steel, and is incredibly sturdy and well-built. I’ve been using this now for probably four or five years; the quality is spectacular and the design is awesome. You have much more leverage with the way the Klhip is designed, so it’s more comfortable to clip your nails.
My wife, Amber, was a manicurist for a number of years, and I think she saw me using the Klhip and never really thought much of it. One day, she had to clip our son’s fingernails, which she usually does downstairs. She happened to be upstairs and asked me to borrow a nail clipper. I gave her the Klhip, and it was love at first cut. She said it’s one of the best–if not the best–nail clipper she’s ever used.
As I said at the beginning, nobody’s really going to get excited about a nail clipper. As far out as it may seem, when you use this one you may get a little excited. Klhip puts the ‘hip’ in nail clipping!
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