Groovebook Frees Your Photos From Your Phone

A few years ago, my wife and I were watching Shark Tank on TV, and the inventors of the Groovebook were looking for funding. We thought it was a great idea, and I signed up. As they say, the only catch is, you have to do it!

I's Why's

  • Inexpensive
  • Makes a great gift
  • No-brainer to use: I just upload my photos each month
  • Up to 100 pictures each month

A little while back, I was talking to a friend who has three kids, and she was saying that she takes so many pictures on her phone and then doesn’t do anything with them. So she decided to upload all of the pictures from her phone to a service that printed them all out and sent them to her.


She said if she hadn’t done that, she’d never see those pictures again. Can you relate? I could. Except that the box cost a lot of money, and it was a really big project for her; it took a lot of time and effort. I told her about Groovebook, and now she’s a happy camper. She doesn’t have to worry about hours of uploading hundreds of dollars worth of printing, as well as shipping fees… Groovebook uploads a hundred pictures a month, and a few weeks later, you get a photo book in the mail--it’s that easy.

Here’s the concept: since we all carry our phones everywhere, those are the most used photography devices. But what do we do with those pictures? Every once in a while, we show them to our friends, and sometimes we send them to people. Otherwise, they’re just sorta locked in our mobile devices. Groovebook wants to free your photos from your phone.

Once a month--or all during the month--you upload your pictures using the Groovebook app on your phone or tablet. Then, sometime in the near future, you receive a package with a 4” x 6” book, with all the pictures that you uploaded. The books always have a great design on the outside, and 100 of my pictures. All the pictures are perforated, so you can remove them to share with your friends, give to you family—whatever you’d like. So now you have those photos for easy viewing; it frees those pictures from the confines of your phone. But I didn’t tell you the best part: those little books only cost $2.99 each.

Now, here’s the catch: they’re going to charge you the $2.99 monthly, whether you send the photos or not. You download the app, sign up with a credit card, and they’ll send you phone reminders (if you set up notification). Then, you’ll have a deadline every month to upload your 100 pictures. Since you’re gonna be charged $2.99 a month whether you upload the pictures and get a printed book or not, heed those little reminders.

That’s it it--couldn’t be easier! I can tell you, we’ve really enjoyed the books. We’ve given them away as gifts; we’ve given pictures away to friends, to our parents…it’s really been a neat thing. You could even take a bunch of photos of a friend’s family at a get-together, and then make them a photo book. Pretty great, unique gift for three bucks.

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