Grillbot – The Roomba for Your Grill

Summer weather is still with us, which means it’s still grilling time. That means that I’m getting lots of opportunities to clean my grill as well. Now I think I keep my grill in pretty good condition. I keep the grates clean and try to keep the rest of the grill clean too. This does require some effort.

red grillbot
So a while back I preordered a Grillbot. And when the Grillbot arrived I just put it in the drawer. Never really forgot about it, I just never took it out to use it. But last week I did some major grilling. I grilled over a pound of bacon, about a dozen hamburgers, half a dozen hotdogs, and 8 or 9 pounds of chicken. The chicken was done on the Rib-o-lator and then browned up on the grill.

I's Why's

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    Set-and-forget: no manual work required
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    Works best on a warm grill: use shortly after you're done grilling
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    Like a Roomba for your grill!
grillbot bottom
We had a lot of people over and when I was done with all the cooking I just turned the grill off and didn’t really clean it. I didn’t even brush it. The next day I thought about the Grillbot. I decided to see what it can do. I charged it up and let it go to town on the grill. It did an okay job. So I decided I would run it again. But this time I heated the grill up. The instructions tell us that the Grillbot can operate in temperatures up to 250°. So I heated the grill up to about 225°, turned it off, set the Grillbot on the grates, closed the top of the grill, and let it run. I was much more impressed with the results after this round of cleaning. And I set it to go one more time and my grill was ready to use.
The Grillbot is like a little Roomba for your grill. It’s got three brushes that rotate and move it around your grill. Charge the unit up, turn it on, decide whether you want it to run for 10, 20, or 30 minutes, set it on your grill, close the top, and let it go. And as I said I think it does a pretty good job. My Grillbot has brass brushes and they sell stainless steel brushes, which would be better for my grill.

So if you hate cleaning the grill this really was a nice way to go.

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