Grate Chef Non-Stick Grill Wipes – Your Grill’s First Line of Defense

With all the beautiful weather we’ve been having here in Southern California we’ve been spending a lot of time entertaining outdoors. I’d like to share with you some more of the tools that I used to keep my grill in shape. In addition to the Qually grill brush I use and the new Grillbot that I’ve been using there are two products from Grate Chef that I’ve been using for years.

In this review I want to talk about the Grate Chef Non-Stick Grill Wipes.

I's Why's

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    The best way to put a coat of oil on your grill
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    Cheap and disposable
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    Easy to use
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    Use in conjunction with the Grate Chef Groover for best results
These grill wipes come in a six pack so, to be clear, there are six wipes in the Ziploc pack. These are super absorbent, flame retardant pads that are saturated with a pure vegetable oil. I find these to be the easiest way to put a nice coat of oil on the grill grates. I’ve used other, more expensive products, such as one that comes with these little rolled up towels that you saturate in oil and then rub on the grill grates. They are put out by one of the big names in the barbecue field, and I have to say they’re incredibly wasteful, way overpriced, and don’t do the job nearly as well as the Grate Chef Non-Stick Grill Wipes.

There are so many creative ways people come up with to get some sort of coating on their grills prior to putting any food on it. I’ve tried many of these methods: cutting an onion in half and using that, folding up a paper towel and dipping that into oil, and (my favorite) taking a half-pound of bacon and rubbing that on the grill (of course I only do that if I’m going to be cooking all of that bacon). All of these methods work to some degree, but none of them work as well as the grill wipes and certainly nothing I’ve seen has been as easy.

For me, there’s nothing worse than fighting with the food to get it to release from the grill. In addition, putting a nice coat of oil on the grates helps to give you those beautiful grill marks.

If you only buy one pack of these, they still end up being under a dollar a wipe and if you like to grill you’re going to thank me the first time you use them.

I heat up my grill, and just before I’m ready to put my food on I throw one of these on a rectangular grill brush that I have and I rub it on the grates; then I flip it over and repeat the process. I toss the grill wipe in the trash and I don’t ever have problems with things sticking. This truly is a simple and great product.

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