Grand Band – The Wallet Alternative

A great many years ago, I got really tired of carrying a wallet. You know, the kind you kept in your back pocket and always ended up sitting on and felt like you were carrying a rock back there? So, I gave up on wallets. Until I was given a Grand Band.
grand band

I's Why's

  • ​Keeps things organized
  • Less bulky than a wallet
  • Replacement bands are much cheaper than buying a new wallet
  • Variety of band colors and nameplate materials
  • Custom-engraved nameplate
I would have money and credit cards and my driver’s license–all that stuff–in my pocket, and I would just put a rubber band around all of it. Then my wife got me a Grand Band, which is a heavy-duty rubber band. Mine has a little silver bar that goes on one side of the rubber band. These now come in different metals and materials.
Originally, the bands just came in black, but now they have colored rubber bands as well. Really, this is the same idea as my rubber band, but it looks a million times better. My wife had mine engraved with my initials.
It’s relatively inexpensive, and makes a great gift. I can tell you that the rubber bands last a lot longer than a regular rubber band doing the same job. Grand Bands come in three different widths, numerous colors and tons of different styles. I’m sure you’ll be able to find one that’s just right for you or for that special guy.
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