Fremo Evo – Free Your Echo Dot

The Fremo Evo is this very cool little product that you use with an Amazon Echo Dot second-generation. It allows your Dot to be cordless and portable.

I's Why's

  • Portable battery for my Amazon Echo Dot
  • Attaches to the bottom of the Echo Dot- I don't have to worry about having it around when I need it
  • Keeps the aux port free for other devices
It’s the same circumference as the Amazon Echo Dot, and it’s almost the same height. You apply the included magnetic plate with a peel-off adhesive-back to your Dot, and mate it to the Fremo Evo, which has a magnet on top. Basically, just stick the Dot on top. They have a neat little connector that connects the power between the two, as well as helping to hold the two devices together. You then take the power cord from your Amazon Echo Dot and plug it into the Fremo Evo. So now your Amazon Echo Dot is powered through the Fremo Evo, while at the same time charging up the Fremo Evo’s internal battery.
Fremo Evo is a battery, so it essentially makes your Amazon Echo Dot completely portable.
It says that the battery will power the Amazon Echo Dot for up to six hours on the charge, but I’ve honestly only used it for about five hours and have never run out of power. The Fremo Evo is lightweight, at under a quarter-pound. It’s available in black and white, to match the Amazon Echo Dot second-generation. You can still use the Echo Dot’s auxiliary port, in case you have another speaker or something else plugged in.
The Fremo Evo will fit on either the first- or second-generation Echo Dot. There are four little blue dots on the front, to indicate how charged the unit is while it’s plugged into a charger. I have to say, for what we use our Amazon Tap for outside, I like this set up better, due to the fact that you don’t have to tap anything. That said, you give up the Tap’s very good-sounding speaker. But for the money you save off of the price of the Amazon Tap, I bet you could buy a nice, little speaker and still not have to tap a button to make it work.
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