Food Huggers Are A Great Way To Save Your Food From Spoiling

What do you do with half a lemon? Wrap it, trash it… If you regularly make mixed drinks, you know what I mean. You use lemon slices for garnish, but you don’t have enough guests to use up the whole lemon. So you’ve got half left. You don’t want to throw it out, but it’ll go bad if it’s left out, and putting it in a plastic bag isn’t much better.

I's Why's

  • Different sizes for saving everything from lemons to melons
  • More effective than plastic wrap- keeps food fresh longer
  • Eco-friendly- no more throwing out sheets of plastic wrap after one use
  • Reusable
food huggers
This was a pretty standard dilemma for me, until I found Food Huggers. The design is pretty simple; it’s a circle of silicone that “hugs” a fruit that’s been cut in half. You just pop the Food Hugger on a cut lemon, and it stays fresh. You can also pop them on top of opened cans, which means that a half-used can won’t be contaminated by the fridge.

They’re only around ten bucks on Amazon for a set of four, which come in sizes ranging from cantaloupe-sized to lime-sized. And really, it’s saved me way more than ten bucks, in terms of wasted food. If you live on your own, it’ll probably save you even more, since one-person meals usually don’t need an entire onion or tomato.

So, while this is not going to end world hunger or change your life, it is one less inconvenience. Get some Food Huggers–it’s a great investment for both chefs and entertainers, and for ten bucks, it’s an economical and effective way to save your food.

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