Drink Dispenser – Stay Cool With Your New Outdoor Party Hot Spot

One thing I’ve found with kids is that, no matter how small a water bottle you give them, they only drink half of it and leave the other half lying around. I haven’t figured out why they do this, but it seems to just be a law of nature. So I started using a drink dispenser instead.

I's Why's

  • Ice column keeps ice from watering down drinks
  • Save money on plastic bottles that people only drink half of
  • Eco-friendly: less plastic waste

It’s a really standard, straight-forward thing. Fill the basin with liquid, stick some ice in the ice-column, and fill your glasses when you feel like it. You’ve probably seen it at parties, filled with punch or sangria (depending on the party).

We use this whenever we have parties, and we use two of them! One has water, and one usually has juice or lemonade, something like that.

With the water, it really doesn’t matter where you put the ice, since when it melts you just have more water. But the ice column really comes in handy when you have juice or lemonade, because the ice stays completely separate from your liquid, which keeps it from watering down your drinks. That was always one of the downfalls of a drink dispenser--but not anymore.

I especially like to use it during the summer, when my kid and his friends are running around. They can get all the water they want, by themselves, without wasting plastic. Plus, I’ve saved tons of money in buying bottled water.

I like this Double-Walled Stainless Steel 3-Gallon Beverage Dispenser because it can accept ice in the base. Has a 7.5″ height from the spigot to counter so that there is room for glasses. It looks great, and the drink container is heavy duty plastic.

The biggest plus, though, if you have kids, is not having half-filled water bottles scattered around the backyard. Believe me, that alone is worth 20 bucks.

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