Dorco Disposable Razors – Dollar Shave Club Without The Subscription

Have you seen the price of disposable razors lately?

Dorco Disposable Razor Blades

It’s crazy. I’ve seen prices ranging from 12 cartridges for $27 to 16 cartridges for $62—I think it’s a Gillette Fusion Pro Glide electric. It’s gotten a little out of hand.

Other people must have thought so, too, and some guys got together and started Dollar Shave Club. They came up with some really great commercials and it took off-- people remembered it and the prices were good--certainly better than all the name brand razors out there.

I's Why's

  • Maker of Dollar Shave Club products- but with much larger variety
  • Only carrier of 7-blade disposable razors
  • "Trimmer sculpting" lets you try it before you use it
  • It's also great for sideburns and mustaches

I signed up with them; they are a subscription program that had a good product, great marketing and really good customer service. But just a note for you guys who might want to try Dollar Shave Club: sometime in 2016, they were purchased by Unilever for a cool billion dollars. I’m going to guess that Unilever’s going to start making their own blades and handles, and sell them through Dollar Shave Club. So remember--this review is not about Dollar Shave Club.

I would probably still be with them, except that I read something somewhere about the company that made all the products for Dollar Shave Club, which was Dorco USA. So I figured I had to see if it was true, and I ordered some blades and a handle. Turns out, it is exactly the same product as I received from Dollar Shave Club.

Dorco has a much larger variety of products to offer than Dollar Shave Club does. They have anything you could want: 4-blade, 5-blade, 6-blade razors. They have an electric handle that vibrates. And currently, they’re the only ones to carry 7-blade disposable razors, which I have to tell you I really like.

In addition, they have something I’ve never seen on any other razor: on many of their blades on the top back they have what they call trimmer sculpting to let me try it. This is awesome for cleaning up sideburns, beards and mustaches.

Dorco also has safety razor handles and blades, as well as the nifty razor I use for travel that has foam already in the handle. They also have a full line of creams and such. Check it out--you’ll be amazed at how far your money goes, compared to the shaving gear you see everywhere.

Dorco USA
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