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Have you ever seen those laptop cases that are made by the manufacturer of the laptop, where every accessory they sell for that laptop has a specific place in that bag? I have always been a bit jealous of it. The problem is, I wanted to be able to put my laptop–or anything else I put it in whatever bag I choose. So I found the Cocoon Grid-It!, which is really a pretty awesome thing.

I's Why's

  • Comes in both cases (for laptops) and boards
  • Various strap lengths for holding items of all sizes
The Cocoon comes in both cases and grid boards. Each model has different-sized rubberized woven elastic straps, to hold whatever stuff you want to put in it. It looks like a basketweave—you just find the right length of strap in the weave to hold each item. Say you want to have all of your things for your laptop organized; you could get a GRID-IT board and fit your USB cable, your charger, your mouse, and everything else you could want onto it, then just pop it into your laptop case.
cocoon cases
Or, if you want something a little more portable, then the Cocoon Grid-It Case may fit the bill. Like the GRID-IT, you can fit anything you’d like in the straps, then just zip up the case and put it wherever. It works in the car, and if you’re a woman who keeps losing things in her purse, I’d definitely recommend this.

They usually run between $15 and $20, which I think is a good price, considering how much easier it makes your life. They’ve also got cases for smartphones. While I haven’t tested those out yet, they seem manage all sorts of small objects.

I’ve had one in my travel bag for years, back from when I carried a laptop. It works just as well now that I only carry a tablet. Yup, there’s another one of those things that I just wouldn’t be without.

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