Scissor Tongs – The Best BBQ Tongs For Capacity And Ease of Use

With the warmer weather, what do we think of? Backyard barbecuing! It’s time to fire up those grills.

I's Why's

  • Very basic "scissor" tongs, but work better than any other tongs I've tried
  • I've yet to find something I couldn't pick up with these tongs
  • I can easily pick up steaks, ribs, roasts, and briskets without the tongs bending
As I’ve mentioned, we’re going to talk about some great accessories for your barbecue, and for the outdoors. Today, I want to talk about barbecue tongs. I don’t really recall how I came upon these scissor tongs, but I remember thinking that they didn’t look very impressive. So I’m not really sure what made me purchase them, other than the fact that I’m always looking for a better way to do something.
bbq tongs
These scissor tongs are the best barbecue tongs I’ve ever used. I’ve owned the 20-inch size for two years and they’re amazing. The capacity is outstanding. And they’re really easy to use to move food around, since they’re tongs rather than a fork or spatula.
The tongs are made of 1/8-inch-thick aluminum. with four really serious rivets. That’s it–no springs, gadgets, locks—nothing. They really are just basic tongs. But they work so well. I’ve yet to find something I couldn’t pick up with these tongs. Brisket, roast, steak–I can pick all of them up easily. This is because of the grip, and the fact that they have a scissor mechanism (hence the name “scissor tongs”) that creates a mechanical advantage in how much you can lift and hold. Physics? Mechanics? Who cares….they’re great.

I have pretty big hands, and I don’t find there to be any problem getting my hands into the handholds. And as I’ve said, I use these to effortlessly pick up racks of ribs, briskets and roasts, with no problem. There’s no issue with them bending, either. They do one job, but do it better than anything else I’ve seen.

This is a great set of tongs and a welcome addition to anybody’s barbecue arsenal.

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