Axe Shower Tool Detailer – The Loofah For Men

So as I’ve said before, not all the reviews on are going to be exciting. Some of them are just going to be practical things that I find useful and better than whatever I was using prior. One of those products is the Axe Shower Tool Detailer. I used to use those round poofy things–sort of a man-made loofah. But it is kind of girly. And you know, none of those are really sold in masculine colors.

axe shower tool detailer

I's Why's

  • Manlier than those poofy things
  • More effective than other scrubbers
  • Mesh scrub side for elbows & knees
I find that the Axe Shower Tool Detailer holds up much better than those poofy things compared to any other product I’ve found. I like the dual sides, as it gives me something that I can get more of a scrub on if I need to remove some dead skin. It’s pretty easy and intuitive to use–just apply your body wash to the black side and you have a nice black rubbery grip for what you’re cleaning up.

This is the best product that I’ve found for my shower and it’s been in there now for a few years. I wouldn’t use anything else.

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