Amazon Prime – So Much More Than Free Shipping

I think when most of us think about Amazon Prime, the main benefit that comes to mind is free two-day shipping. And I can tell you, that’s definitely why I signed up years ago for Amazon Prime. But since then, the benefits of Amazon Prime have multiplied, and I find that I take advantage of a lot more than just the free two-day shipping.

I's Why's

  • $99/year for unlimited free 2-day shipping
  • Prime video lets me stream movies and tv shows for free
  • Prime photo lets me store photos in the cloud
  • Prime Reading lets me borrow books and magazines to read on my Kindle or Kindle app
  • Prime music is ad-free and can be turned on thru Alexa
  • I can share the 2-day shipping with up to 3 other people

Now, lots of times, I get free same-day shipping, or free next-day shipping. Frankly, I believe that if this was the only benefit of Amazon Prime, it would still probably be worth it to me. Because my family and I buy a lot of stuff from Amazon.

​Okay, so having said that, let’s see if I can tell you some of the other reasons that make Amazon Prime an awesome purchase. Let’s go in order of how important they are to me:

Prime Video

Prime Video was a contributing factor in why we went with the Amazon Fire TV Box and Stick as the streaming solution in our house. There’s always a bunch of great movies that you can stream for free, as well as a bunch of television shows.

Prime Photos

I think the Prime Photo storage is also a great benefit, and I believe that if you have Amazon Prime and you’re not backing up your photos here, you’re throwing money out.

Prime Reading

This is the book version of Prime Video. You can ‘borrow’ books or magazines, and read them on your Fire tablet or Kindle. The Kindle app is available for almost any device.

Prime Music

I use this more than I thought I would. Since we have Sonos all through the house, that’s usually how I get my music. But with the addition of the Amazon Echos, the Echo Dots, and the Tap that we have, sometimes it’s just really convenient to ask Alexa to play something. And it’s completely ad free.

Kindle First

This program allows Prime members to download one free e-book every month. These are books from the Kindle first-picks section.

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Prime Membership Sharing

Did you know that you can share the free shipping with three other people? These other people are supposed to reside in the same house.

As the Amazon Prime program has grown, so has our usage of it. I’m sure this was Amazon’s design when they started Prime. As I’ve said, Prime was a deciding factor in buying Amazon Fire TVs and Amazon Fire TV Sticks. Which led to us watching a lot of free video, but it also has led to us buying a fair amount of videos as well. This may very well be one of those services that is a win-win for us and Amazon.

There are many other benefits to Amazon Prime, such as pantry restaurant delivery, but we don’t take advantage that.

If you shop at Amazon, they urge you to sign up for the Amazon Prime’s free trial, but I don’t think you’ll ever let it go.

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