Aeroccino+ Milk Frother for Lattes and Cappuccinos

Ira’s Favorite Frother For Lattes

As I’ve said before, I’m a latte guy. And one thing you need for lattes–after great espresso–is milk froth. Now, most espresso machines come with a frothing wand. Some come with built-in frothers that have milk containers, like my Nespresso. But none of those make froth like an Aeroccino+. NONE! The problem with a wand is that when you’re learning, you end up with milk all over the kitchen wall, and even when you figure it out, it’s never as good a froth as it could be.
aeroccino milk frother

I's Why's

  • Froths and heats milk in under 30 seconds
  • Silent
  • Lid keeps the milk from splashing everywhere
  • Whisks attach magnetically
  • Makes the best froth!

Issues without the frother

Frothing was always a pain in the a**. I was always looking for a better way. Cleaning that wand was always a challenge. Then I came across the Aeroccino, and figured I have nothing to lose.

Additional Benefits of the Aeroccino+

So I tried it, and I love it. In less than thirty seconds, you get an awesome, marshmallow-y foam that you can just easily spoon on–way better than anything I could have done myself. Plus, you don’t have to clean your walls or the wand, since there’s a lid that keeps the milk from splashing out.

It heats the milk, too, and there are two whisks you can swap out to get either froth or just hot milk. In addition, the whisks attach magnetically to the bottom of the jug, as well as the lid, which means you’re not going to risk losing whichever one you’re not using. Honestly, that’s one of the smartest things I’ve ever seen.

Look, even if you’re not a big espresso drinker, I still think the Aeroccino is worth looking into. You can add the milk and froth to normal coffees, and even hot chocolate, if you want. And heated, whisked milk makes any drink into an experience. It’s a little pricey, but it’s cheaper than going for coffee every day.

Not necessary, when you can sip your homemade cappuccino, with tons of foam. That’s definitely worth every penny.

BOTTOM LINE: should you buy the Aeroccino? Yes!

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