About Ira


It’s a funny story, how we got into building Go Ask Ira

I remember when I was about 16 years old, my friends would ask me what stereo to buy, and where the best place was to get it. That’s because I like my toys, and quality products--anything to make life better or easier. I like to research and seek out the best stuff…and who doesn’t like a good deal?

Well, that was quite some time ago, but nothing’s really changed over the years. I’ve had friends and family ask me for advice on a multitude of different things, and I’m happy to help, if I can.

Fast forward to about October 2016. My wife usually works late on Tuesdays, so late that I rarely see her before I go to sleep. One Wednesday morning as I’m getting ready to leave for work, she tells me a little story. She says that one of her friends at work—Bruce--had wanted to do something or buy something, and he came around to ask her because, over time, her friends and co-workers realized that if they asked her, she probably asked me. And that there was a good chance that I had already checked it out.

So he asked her, and she said, “Let me go ask Ira.” Bruce responded, “You know, there should be a website called Go Ask Ira, where you can get all the information on the best of this or how to do that.” As she’s telling me the story, I kinda chuckled, but I was busy with a couple of other projects and working a full-time job, so I just thought it was a cute idea.

I have about a 12-minute commute to work (I know, almost unheard of in L.A.) and in those 12 minutes on that Wednesday, this little idea bubbled in my brain. I thought, I can have a website up…we can have this go in two weeks. Well, maybe that was a bit too ambitious, but in that two weeks I learned a lot about building sites, and refined the idea of what I wanted this to be. So it ended up taking more like four months.

But here you have it: Go Ask Ira! A place where you can find out about things that I use regularly--some daily--things I wouldn’t be without, and that I believe in wholeheartedly. I hope the time I spent researching the products I buy for myself can benefit anybody who’s willing to take a few minutes to read my reviews.

Please feel free to write me with questions about anything that you might be considering buying, if you don’t see it on our site. I’ll do my very best to get you an answer quickly. Look, if I don’t know about it there’s a really good chance I know somebody who does. But then again, if I don’t use it, and my close friends don’t use it, it’s not getting up here. It’s got to have the seal of approval, for everything we recommend. Now I hope this can help you and make your life a bit easier and more enjoyable.